Develop a Magician Persona

02nd November 2009
So you've learned a few tricks and now you're ready to begin performing a small magic show. Good for you! Well, before you begin you need to develop a magician persona. You need to have a way that you want to always act on stage. Before you ever step f... Read >

Hide the Coin Trick

14th October 2009
Many magic tricks involve using one or more coins. One great magic trick is called the "Hide the Coin Trick." This trick is also known as the "French Drop." Here is how the trick is performed. The first thing you need to do with the "Hide the Coin Tri... Read >

Is the Hand Quicker than the Eye?

12th October 2009
It's widely believed throughout the world that magicians perform many of their tricks by moving their hand so fast that the naked eye can't see what happened. A great trick happens and people say, 'The hand is quicker than the eye." But is this true? Is t... Read >