Hide the Coin Trick

Published: 14th October 2009
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Many magic tricks involve using one or more coins. One great magic trick is called the "Hide the Coin Trick." This trick is also known as the "French Drop." Here is how the trick is performed.

The first thing you need to do with the "Hide the Coin Trick" is to get a coin. So ask your audience for a coin. If they don't have one then just use your own.

Take the coin and hold it in your left hand between your first two fingers and your thumb. Show it to the audience. Then begin to move your left hand and your right hand together so that it looks like you're going to change the coin from your left hand to your right hand.

As you move your hands together, turn your left hand (the one with the coin in it) over so that your thumb is on top and your fingers are underneath. Then bring your right hand over to the left. The thumb of your left hand should go behind the coin while your fingers go in front of the coin. This will block the audience's view of the coin. Then close your thumb and fingers on your right hand so that it looks like you're grabbing the coin. However, as you do this you want to relax the thumb on your left hand and simply let the coin drop down to your fingers and out of sight.

The whole key to the "Hide the Coin Trick" is to make it look like your grabbed the coin with your right hand. However, the coin stays in your left hand the entire time.

Once you close the fingers on your right hand (making it look like you grabbed the coin) then you simply want to let your left hand drop to your side and hold your right hand, which is making a fist, out in front of you. Shake the fist and then open it up to show the audience that the coin has disappeared.

That's how easy the "Hide the Coin Trick" really is. Of course you have to practice it to get really good but it's a fairly easy trick that is sure to impress everyone you perform it for.

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